Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As above, so below

These images were taken on a trail to the Pohopoco Cove (or was it Wild Creek Cove?) in
Beltzville State Park. It was such a beautiful, peaceful day, all grey and cold. I’m certain we reaped the benefits of Super Bowl Sunday, since things were wonderfully quiet at the park.

One of the most fabulous things I discovered over the weekend were the huge thickets of wild rhododendrons growing in the forests. While I know these can’t possibly be Pacific rhododendrons, I am dying to know what color the blossoms will be! You know I was enjoying my time looking at them, because I completely forgot to take any pictures of the rhododendrons to share with you!

I must return in the Spring…


  1. C’est passionant et vos photos chaque fois plus belles.

  2. Thank you both! I'm so glad that you are enjoying them!

  3. JLB, they won't look too terribly different from Pacific rhododendrons; they'll probably be pink (various shades) and white and just as lush. It's funny, I was so used to eastern rhododendrons that I was pleasantly surprised by the Pacific ones when I moved to Oregon. Now you're having the opposite experience! My recollection is that they start blooming down in North Carolina in early to mid-May, and Virginia in about the third week in May. So Pennsylvania should probably be early June-ish?

  4. The form of the muchroom reminds me of that of the shelf fungi

  5. You're right, ducklover - they are very similar, although this particular fungus is much smaller than many of the big shelf fungus I've seen. This one I call "frilly fungus," although I'm sure it has a real name... it looks a lot like a white fungus I used to find on the hardwoods in Washington - particularly on already-dead trees as in my wood pile.


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