Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Red Doves

[Click on the picture to enlarge for ultimate viewing pleasure!]

Here's another from the Renton PO. This picture really impressed me when I took a look at it. I swear I can see those leaves and clouds moving! I mentioned that the leaves looked like birds in flight, and PAL called them "red doves," which I thought was most appropriate.


  1. So I want to know when your blog is going to start talking about ponchos? Will you start photographing them? Ha! Mom wants to know if you are going to delete my post...if only she had seen the poncho blog...one of my favorites.

    The word thing is hard to read. Kirsten didn't believe me on a letter.

  2. Don't worry - I won't delete you. :) No ponchos in here though - only trees. If I am compelled to start going off the deep end with my personal rants, I'll have to start a separate blog!

    Say, what word thing do you mean? On the pictures? It's just "JLB © 2005" on each picture. It's easier to see when you zoom in. Why? What naughtiness did Kirsten think it said?


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