Monday, March 27, 2006

A touch of sunshine, and voilà!

Yesterday's incredibly bright sun did indeed coax open the flowers, along with more green leaves. As you can see, it was one seriously sunny day - the tree shadow is what really allows us to enjoy the flowers in this image. So, any new thoughts on what this might be? I'll keep searching!

Here's a thought: perhaps this is another type of ranunculus? I just learned that one of my favorite flowers, the columbine, is also a part of the ranunculus family... who'd have guessed?

I spent yesterday afternoon with the landlady and learned many new things about the surrounding trees and plants on the farm, as well as their history. There is so much to share!


  1. I still have no answers for you, but I found this site I thought you might like:

    I'm not going to make it a link because it won't open in a separate window and that makes me crazy. Maybe you could send your picture to the author of the website for help with the ID.

  2. Thanks for the link Lily! I've been trying to use this one, but I don't know enough of the scientific terminology, so I think it's going to take some coaxing. :)

  3. This picture needs no words...Poetry pure and simple...

  4. Columbine is part of the ranunculus family? I never knew that before. I certainly have enough of the--they are prolific self-seeders. :)

    Thanks for the bunny-repellent advice. I'm going to check out helleborus--I have two of them but they are great plants for winter interest in the garden too.

  5. By the way, it's possible your plant might be doronicum, also known as leopard's bane. Mine haven't started blooming yey, but it looks very similar to your photos.

    It returns every year in my yard after dying back to nothing.

  6. Looking forward to the better weather for sure.

  7. Barbara, thank you! I couldn’t agree more.

    Frankengirl, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciated your response, and I’ve been thinking about your subsequent post about “writing what you know” since I read it yesterday morning… still pondering! Thank you for your kind wishes, and good luck to you as well!

    Spidergirl, doronicum is the closest suggestion I’ve seen yet! You’re right – the flowers and growth habit are similar, although the images I found online show more petals than these seem to have. At LilyB’s suggestion, I wrote to “Bob” at the wildflowers website, and I will keep looking for the answer! And oh, aren’t columbine the greatest? After they go to seed, I like to go around tapping all the little black seeds into my palm, and then cast them all around the yard!

    UltimateWriter, as a lover of autumn and winter, I always feel hesitant to embrace the spring and summer… but I’m afraid that I must agree with you: better weather means the freedom to plant without a fear of a killing frost!


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