Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another mystery under the trees

While we continue to ponder the common identity of the mysterious yellow-flowered plant, I have another one to share with you!

Also happily growing under the trees is this little plant. What’s really amazing about this one, is that I could see these green leaves when we arrived here back in December; furthermore, apart from a little die-back during the snow, these herbaceous leaves have persisted throughout the winter.

Apart from the grasses and the little dandelion whorls that wait out the winter, this is one of the ONLY green leafy plants that I saw during the cold season. Now that spring is warming the earth, they are exploding across the area. I can’t wait to see what their flowers look like! (Surely the must have flowers.)

I wonder, is there an identification guide out there for “shrubby little weed-like creatures”? Personally, I love all weeds… dandelions are among my favorite flowers. I use “weeds” as a term of endearment for many wonderful and resilient plants! There is no such thing as weed killer in my garden shed.


  1. This is a unique little wonder.

    Maybe you could google it? But what would you call it?

    I'll show it to hubby, and see if he knows what it is.

  2. It's only a weed if you don't want it. I think my dad told me that...

    By the way, I looked at that site you mentioned – it's a little intimidating!

  3. Barbara, you've hit the nail on the head with my search challenges... it's not really possible to google a bit of an imagine in one's mind... but wouldn't that be a unique reality, one that worked entirely with images instead of words? :) Thanks for asking your Master Gardener!

    Lily, I like that phrase. I think I'll keep it in mind! And yes, that site IS intimidating. However, the site you recommended was a smashing success. I head back from Bob, and he has identified the little yellow-flowered plant... I'll post about it next!

  4. (heard back from Bob, that is....)

    ...isn't it lame that you can't edit your own comments when you see spelling errors??...

  5. I notice you tagged this post as Garlic Mustard. That's what the greens look like to me. Nasty stuff. Very invasive.

    Inflorescence is clusters of white flowers of classic mustard form.

    Rip it out by the roots. Dig deep. You need to get under the crown to eliminate this menace.


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