Thursday, January 19, 2006


Howdy! Today I thought I’d share a couple more images that I took the other day of the area surrounding my cottage. I’m located on what’s left of a farm (the surrounding acres were sold for development). In the center of the development there are me and two other cottages along with remnants of old barns, homes, silos and whatnot, along with woods and thickets as you see in these two images.

Obviously, we have a lot of fun ahead of us just exploring the yard and connecting pastures! For the most part, I have no idea what kinds of trees I’m looking at, but I’m eager to learn! The tree in the foreground of the first image has dropped some kind of fruit during the last season. The thickets, which we will also explore, seem laced with what I can only guess to be wild roses (given their amazingly painful thorns and tiny red rosehips).

The other wonderful benefit is the wildlife, of which there is much! We have deer living in here, and a multitude of beautiful, brilliant birds, some of which are a bright red! We heard a screech owl announce our arrival the first few nights (at least, I sure hope it was a screech owl), and there are more than enough fat grey squirrels to go around! We also have coyotes, which like to howl when the reactor alarm test sounds, and I’m waiting to see the raccoons. Don’t they have raccoons out here?

Finally, is anyone out there adept in the art of scat-identification? I need to get myself a book I think… I know what deer poop looks like (and evidently, my husky loves the stuff), but there are these much larger poops that I just haven’t seen before! Might we have bears in our midst?

There were always bears rumored around Seabeck, but sadly I never saw any live ones passing through. I’d always hoped that they’d found a nice, lush hold-up somewhere, but now that we’ve moved out, I hope they’ll feel welcome at our place. :)


  1. Have you ever seen that movie The Village? That's what these photos remind me of. Looks like a great place for a hayride.

  2. I have seen that movie - you're totally right! I'm confident that in it's proverbial hay day, they had hay rides through here!

  3. Je vous souhaite d’être heureux dans votre nouvelle maison.
    La végétation ressemble beaucoup à celle de ma région.

  4. I realize it might be against your blog mission, but I suppose you could photograph the scat. In any case, I say get to know it, it is helpful. I think maybe I did not tell you about my regularly visiting North Bend bear. Unfortunately one of my nieghbors ultimately killed...funny how people living in the mountains don't think that they should have to secure their trash against attacking wild animals...

    I like the photos of the buildings anyway, and it is nice and open out there. It would be nice to be secluded like that.

  5. I meant to say against attracting wild animals...he never attacked.

  6. Hello Jade,

    Wow.. What a beautiful shots. The first photo is a delight. I am glad to know that you are having a great time exploring your new abode. It looks so tranquil.
    Take care.

  7. Manu - merci beaucoup mon ami! Je suis très heureux ici, bien sur! Mais, il me faut que trouver ma dictionnaire française! :)

    Sam - As funny as it would have been to throw everyone off with a picture of a ripe terd this morning, you've actually encouraged me to do something else I've been considering... I think I'll start a new blog to compliment Arboreality which will allow me to focus on the wildlife. There are so many birds around here that it was really just a matter of time before I got started... however, pictures of animals are way more difficult for me, so I'll have to give it some thought before launch. When I'm ready, I'll post to let every know it's up!

    Gil - Thank you for your compliments. It is quite peaceful here, and there's so much more to show... I'll try to get out and take more pictures this weekend so I have a good cache from which to share next week.


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