Friday, January 02, 2009

Festival of the Trees 31 Online at Rock Paper Lizard

Happy 2009!

I am pleased to announce that barring any more massive, unexpected uprooting, I will soon dig back in to blogging at Arboreality, Brainripples, AppleJade, and more from my home in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. (Of course, that all hinges on the availability of a satellite internet connection in the snow.)

But enough about me - I'm still celebrating the departure of 2008. If you're looking for some great arborblogging, hop on over to enjoy a walk through the wintry woods with Hugh at Rock Paper Lizard where we are celebrating the 31st Festival of the Trees.

(And while you're there, take a moment to review the Winter Food Chain, and reflect on the circle of life... and Fig Newtons).


  1. Such a varied collection of trees, I myself would like to photograph trees outside of my home town as there are some fantastic trees to be photographed all over the world.

    Any one tree is certainly an interesting subject to take photos keep up the nice blogging work!


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