Monday, March 03, 2008

Fungi Along the Forest Trails


  1. Very cool pictures, even if I'm suddenly craving Szechuan chicken.

  2. Love the images - they bring to mind spring rambles through the Two Hundred Acre Wood. This year it may be June before we can ramble - the snow is waist deep.

  3. what beautiful photographs.. so glad I found your blog :-)

  4. Wren, I laughed myself silly over Snaggle Goose!

    KerrdeLune, thank you for the compliment - your blog always has such beautiful words and photos! I admit, I'm jealous of your waist-deep snow. Clearly I need to live further north!

    Hedgewitch, greetings and welcome! I'm glad you stopped by, and thank you. I have a lot of fun with Arboreality. Come back any time. ;)


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