Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arboreality Returns in June

I am returning to Seattle this May, and Arboreality will be on vacation until June 1, 2008 while I pack and travel.

Arboreality extends a gracious thank you to Mike of 10,000 Birds for volunteering to host the Festival of the Trees next month on such short notice. Be sure to send in your submissions this April featuring trees, forests, and wood.

Once I am settled in Seattle I’ll be able to share images from my return trip across the US. We’ll return to the evergreen forests of my home-state with a fresh pair of eyes. Until then, enjoy the blooming spring or the glorious autumn (depending upon your location), and feel free to reminisce through the Pennsylvania hardwoods when we explored the Poconos, and my dear home right here at the farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

See you in June!


  1. Enjoy the cross-country trip! I love those.

  2. Moving back to the Pacific Northwest?!

    Have a good and safe trip, and be careful...winter is dragging on and on this year. We hope to have spring by the 4th of July! :-)

  3. Hey, welcome back! I hadn't been 'round for a while so stopped by to see you. I think you'll soon be finding more forest fungi to share! Hope you have a great trip and settling time. Paula


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