Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Warm Winter Sunrise

It’s a warm, humid morning in Philadelphia (60 degrees Fahrenheit and rising). I’ve only been in Chester County, Pennsylvania for three winters, but each one has included some strange, unseasonably warm days often sandwiched between freezing days and big snows. Today the prediction is for rain and possibly thunder; by the speed of those low, lavender clouds – I suspect that we’re in for a wild new moon (accompanied by an equally electric solar eclipse). Time to plant!


  1. 60 degrees? Good grief!

  2. That is not good news is it, for February that is.

    I am grateful for the snow coming down today, here in BC. It's beautiful and what is the norm for the weather here. Our past summer was very frightening, record heat for over 2 MONTHS, not good news either.


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