Friday, January 18, 2008

Dances with Trees (and Ants Too!)

Check out this preview of
Biome on YouTube, Capacitor's newest dance video, shot in Costa Rica's Monteverdi rainforest.

Capacitor is a San Francisco-based dance troupe. Jodi Lomask and dancers accompanied Nalini Nadkarni to her field study sites in Costa Rica. Nalini Nadkarni is the author of Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees (June 2008).

Also, Nadkarni’s husband
Jack Longino is an entomologist who has researched ants of the rainforest. Jack and colleagues recently conducted arthropod surveys in Chiapas Mexico and Guatemala. Check out his video NucĂș for You Too!

And if that doesn't satisfy your video interests, check out the recent post at Arboreality, Nalini Nadkarni on Trees and Spirituality.

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  1. That Capicitor stuff is great. Ending up inside a strangler fig is brilliant. I hope the dancers didn't get too badly bitten and stung by insects, though!


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