Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Change is Coming, and the Trees Know It

Greetings! I hope you have all enjoyed these last bits of summer (or winter, should you live south of the equator). Autumn is just starting to raise its voice in Eastern Pennsylvania, but there's enough summer left to keep my kitchen filled with tomatoes.

During my time away from blogging I’ve crafted new ideas, taken loads of pictures, fixed up the disaster in my house, and created new project plans for the coming season. I have much to share!

Pictures and thoughts about trees and forests will resume at Arboreality later this week. Postings will be once or twice per week while I give my energy to my newest projects. Provided all goes well, Arboreality itself may be pulling up its roots, and migrating to a whole new domain!

But you’re just here for the trees, right? I’ll get right on it.

Until then, remember to check out the Festival of the Trees. The new issue went online on the first.


  1. What a terrific site!

    M. Caron


  2. Just found your blog and look forward to following it in the future! Looks great!

  3. Disaster in the house! I hope all is well.

    The first tinge of color has arrived here in the old Pac NW.

  4. Looking forward to following your postings again :)

  5. Hmmm. New domains generally mean big changes. I'm crossing my fingers!

  6. September 16
    Hey JLB;
    We've pulled our tomato plants and turned the garden. I love cooking with green tomatoes and still have a bag that hasn't ripened. We had our first frost a couple nights ago, but the leaves are hanging on.
    Could be a cold winter, coming.

  7. Thanks everyone - it's great to be back.

    PS - Eric, I think you're right about the cold winter ahead.


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