Monday, June 18, 2007

Tomatoes with Trees

These tomatoes were planted by my neighbor and are hanging on the Black walnut tree downfield from the cottage. He seems a little disappointed in their performance, but I assured him that they look great regardless.

Personally, I think he’s skimping on the water - these plants aren't close to the houses, so they don't receive as much attention. Has anyone else had experience growing tomatoes from hanging buckets? It’s always seemed like such a great space saver, but I have yet to try it myself!


  1. No info on growing tomatoes in buckets, but Genie at the Inadvertent Gardener had severe problems growing tomatoes under a black walnut--apparently they product juglone, which is toxic to solanaceae. You might have your neighbor read this:

  2. Jenny, indeed - I was pretty surprised to see my neighbor place the tomatoes under the Black walnut of all trees... I'm inclined to agree that it is likely contributing to the plants' malaise! Tomatoes can be so tempermental as it is... ;)

  3. wow, never even heard of growing them like that. I only started my first garden this year, so I have a lot to learn.

  4. Linda, of Linda's Backroad Musings, grew a tomato plant in a hanging bucket last year and had success. But her plant grew out of a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Apparently people do these things.

  5. Oni, have fun with your garden! I've really enjoyed the learning process... this is really only my seventh or eighth year gardening, and this year has been by far my most successful with vegetables. It takes time - talk to the plants, they usually will tell me what to do.

    Pablo, that's the way I've heard it - a 5 gallon bucket with a hole in the bottom. It's supposed to be a great space saver if you're living in an apartment with a limited amount of growing space. I guess I'll have to try it myself next year and report back!


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