Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blue Spruce in Snow

We have snow, and I have pictures. More to follow!


  1. Lucky you! And I imagine it will last, unlike the dribbles we had last week in London, which were sludgy puddles by lunchtime. Is that one of the same spruces of the tree snow shadow fame?

  2. Ash, thank you!

    Pollen, indeed, this is one of the Christmas tree spruces, the one we planted this winter. It's new to me to live in a place where the snow doesn't melt away. Around Seattle, it's common to see lots of snow fall and accumulate, and then turn to rain and melt away in a matter of hours!

  3. sniff, sniff, big pouty lip... I'm so jealous!!! We've definately made the turn to spring here.

    Do a little snow dance for me!

  4. Did you get the big storm that slammed New York or the one that mainly hit the midwest?

  5. Duchess, Sadie would love this stuff - it's all hardpacked now with the ice on top, so it's TOTALLY slippery. Blackfoot pulls me like I'm a sled.

    TH, I'd have to say I think we got a bit of both. Most of what we saw I believe originated from the SW. It brought us several inches of snow, followed by ice and freezing rain. And, unlike Seattle where it all melts once the rain starts, this stuff is all still piled up around here!


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