Monday, November 27, 2006

Rhodies for the Morning

Here are some rhododendrons to start your morning off. Remember that you have two more days to send in submissions for the Festival of the Trees!

So, where did November go?!!? I just love this time of year, and it inevitably flies right by. There is much excitement ahead at Arboreality this week – stay tuned!


  1. Pretty little blossoms! Just the thing to perk up what started out as a cloudy day...though it has improved. I've sent my submission for the Festival, too. :-)

  2. I'm always delighted to see these in the deep of winter, even if their leaves hang like damp rags.

  3. Just beautiful! Love the colors too.

  4. pretty soon those little rhody leaves are going to be curled into little depressing tubes!! :) Oh well, I'll enjoy them while I can.

  5. Michelle, thanks so much for the submission! I just love rhododendrons - especially those growing tall and leggy in the forests!

    Lené, isn't it funny how they do that? When I lived back in Washington, we could always be sure that it would be an especially cold (if not snowy) night by the way that the rhododendron leaves would droop!

    Geraldine, there's something very soothing in that leathery green... rhododendrons look especially nice in the rain!

    Caroline, this image is from October, so for all I know they're already curling up for the winter. Still - they leave a lot of room to dream for the blossoms that will come in the spring!


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