Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back from the Pocono Forests!

How I spent my birthday. :)

This image was taken on the banks of Mud Run in Hickory Run State Park. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes - I had a fantastic week in the woods.

I have SO much to share with you! More tomorrow about my adventures, and information about the upcoming Festival of the Trees.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, what a nice way to spend your special day. Great photo!!! Not the scene I just posted on, that is for sure. LOL

    Huggs, G

  2. What splendid tranquility you've captured in that photograph -- the exact antithesis to 5 November here in the UK, where it's fireworks and festivities for Guy Fawkes night. Did you spot any of Nature's own bright light displays... fireflies or shooting stars?

  3. Welcome Back and Happy Birthday!

    The photo is beautiful...such a serene setting...just lovely. :-)

  4. Geraldine, thank you! I do envy that snow. :)

    Pollen Nation, too cold for fireflies, but we had jack-o-lanterns, a gorgeous moon, and the Orionids to light up our nights.

    Michelle, thank you!

  5. welcome back JLB. Glad you had a happy birthday/halloween. Do share more pics this week!

  6. Caroline, I promise you a plethora of pictures! I captured almost 600 images, and I am currently in the process of sorting out my favorites.


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