Thursday, October 19, 2006

View from Bowman's Hill Tower

After taking a little walk around part of the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, we set off for the feature we’d missed during our previous visit: the Bowman’s Hill Tower.

Set upon Bowman’s Hill which rises 380 feet above sea level, the 125-foot-tower was built in 1930 as another commemorative piece to honor what is considered to be an original lookout point during the American Revolution.

The view from Bowman's Hill Tower was simply excellent. The first two images are of the northwest-ish view, where the closest portions of trees are part of the preserve. The third image is of the northeast-ish view, wherein you can spot part of the Delaware River. Our fourth image shows the southeast-ish view, also showing the Delaware River, and some of the encroachment of modern day real estate.

The final image is just looking down on some tree tops. I realized while up there that I rarely have the opportunity to show you images of trees from the top-down. Being the ground-bound human that I am, it’s going to take some time (and some tree-climbing instructions) to find the opportunity to get up into the canopy and share images from a more elevated perspective.


  1. What beauty...stretching all the way to the horizon like that....looks like it (and you) could go on forever...the river is just waiting to carry you away! In another couple of weeks, the autumn colors from that viewpoint will knock your socks off. Wish I could visit in person, wearing socks of course! :-)

  2. A spectacular view!!!!


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