Wednesday, September 27, 2006


One of the first trees we spotted on our initial trail through Longwood Gardens was a female Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) – one of the largest that I have ever seen!

Also called the Maidenhair tree or a "living fossil," Ginkgo biloba is the only species of Ginkgoales to have survived the tests of time on Earth. Originating in the Jurassic Period, the ginkgo species is roughly 150-200 million years old, and some fossils have dated as far back as 250-270 million years.

This post is for
Kelly Schmitt Youngberg over at Ginkgo Dreams. If you like Ginkgo trees, her site is the place to be!


  1. Wow, thanks!

    Quick question: Is that one of the largest ginkgo trees you've ever seen, or one of the largest female ginkgo trees you've ever seen? I have a theory that many female ginkgo trees don't live out their natural life because of the stink factor.

  2. I love Ginkgo trees...the leaves are so unique.

    Love yesterday's post and pictures, too. I don't think I've ever seen a yew in bloom before!

  3. So very interesting. I'll check out Kelly's blog also.

  4. Kelly, to answer your question, this is one of the larger ginkgo trees I've ever seen in general, although I have heard the same about female trees (and it was noted on the tag too). There are some good-sized ginkgo trees in Washington state, but this is certainly the biggest I've seen in PA so far!

    Michelle, yes, ginkgo trees are just lovely, and they turn such a fabulous, bright yellow in the autumn!

    Becky, I'm sure you'll enjoy Kelly's blog - she's got all kinds of cool stuff over there!

  5. The ginko leaves are beautiful. We have maidenhair fern and maidenhair liverwort, but they don't seem to resemble the tree.

  6. lené, greetings! Indeed, the maindenhair tree is different from the maidenhair ferns and liverworts - but oh!...they are all beautiful! Maidenhair ferns are especially lovely. :)

  7. I love gingkos too. I've never grown one, and think maybe I shall add one to my garden someday. Oh, I have such a big list of trees I would like to live with, I would need a small forest to grow them in!

  8. I know just what you mean Salix - there are just too many wonderful trees out there! :)


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