Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Festival of the Trees 2 at Roundrock Journal

Greetings everyone! I am still hard at work on my vacation (that just doesn’t sound right), but I had to pop in to tell you all that the Festival of the Trees 2 is now online at the Roundrock Journal!

Hop on over to Roundrock Journal to see all the wonderful thoughts and posts about trees that have been included. There are so many wonderful things to see.

If you want to contribute to the Festival of the Trees, you can learn more from Bev at Burning Silo, hostess for the upcoming Festival of the Trees 3, and at the Festival of the Trees blog.

And if you’re trying to stay cool (like me), look for the shade of a nice, green tree!


  1. Oh god is it HOT here, I have to take about 3 cool showers a day just to chill off! Trees are often under-rated, not as glamourous as flowers and such, but they are oh so important and functional.

  2. Aren't trees wonderful. 'I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree'....that line from the poem by Bliss Carmen has stayed with me since childhood. These beautiful and majestic wonders are to be cherished, they do so much for all of us...providing beauty, resources, cleaner air....

    Happy Weekend, G

  3. I found this once again. Breathe I do with every tree. Thanks for being.


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