Friday, July 14, 2006

Black Mulberry Trees

Or are they?

Here is our first page in sorting through the mystery of the mulberry trees around the farm. These images taken in early June are of what I believe to be one of several black mulberry trees growing on the property.

The black mulberries tend to grow in sunnier locations with a larger crown, although overall they are not particularly tall trees. In coming days, I’ll have a few images to share looking at the whole tree.

What leads me also to my conclusion besides the growth habit are the leaves – all of the suspected black mulberry trees have only very occasional instances of irregular lobes, which seems a particular characteristic of the little red mulberries growing in the shadier spots.

When these images were taken, the berries were only just starting to ripen on some trees. I never did get a chance to taste those ripe black, purple, and red berries – the birds were far too fast for me!


  1. I love this first shot you posted which seems to be from under the tree?

  2. Yep - you got it! I caught it during a sunrise when wandering under this particular tree, and I think this one has scored among my favorite pictures that I've ever taken.

    I try to present trees from new angles whenever possible, and I always feel good when I find a unique way to view a particular tree!

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I love your tree blog, I am crazy about trees myself.
    I saw a post further back, there was a question about whether Linden trees have a perfume. Yes! When they flower, besides looking most gorgeous, they have a wonderful scent! There is a huge park just outside of Dublin, the Phoenix Park. Down the main road are alternate plantings of Horse Chestnuts and Linden Trees.
    Both trees look fantastic in flower, and I always love that scent of the Lindens.

  4. is that strawberry tree? great shots mate

  5. SalixTree - thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the tip about the linden trees! Aren't horse chestnut trees just the greatest? I would love to see that park and the main road - it sounds right up my alley (pardon the pun!).

    Godknows, greetings! It's a mulberry tree actually, and they are very beautiful. Thanks for the compliment - and likewise, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog (and it invariably makes me hungry!!!)


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