Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mystery pine and other trees at the Kirkwood Preserve

Pictured here are some more trees for you from the Kirkwood Preserve of the Willistown Conservation Trust.

The evergreen is some sort of pine, but I’ll have to get a closer look at the needles to be able to make a determination. Which, as you can see, may provide to be quite a task! The overall growth habit makes me think longleaf pine, but that's just a guess.


  1. This is one time where the clarity and blueness of that sky seem to pale next to the tree!

    Beautiful as usual.

  2. Thanks Barbara! This was indeed one incredible day... I still have a few more images to share from when I ran up one of the grassy hills and got a good look around the immediate area. They really do a nice job of maintaining the Kirkwood Preserve - I can't wait for the opportunity to explore more of it!


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