Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a beech!

Today, with literally hundreds of tree pictures and more than a dozen individual tree species to share with you, I set out with my camera yet again to return with another 130 images to review!

Remember all that rain I talked about? Yeah, well, those trees made good use of it! Every tree now has at least a glimmer of green (the black walnuts were the last ones to make a showing, and they’re only just getting started).

Not to be outdone, our previously budding beech also enjoyed the rain, and is now covering herself with a shower of new leaves, as seen in the image above.


  1. Merci de raconter la vie de vos arbres, je vous félicite pour la qualité des photos, bravo.

  2. Merci Manu, c'est très amusant pour moi à faire des photos des arbres!


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