Friday, April 07, 2006

The neighborhood hardwood forest

We are walking through a dense hardwood forest grove laced with a network of springs. I enjoy inspecting the diversity among these trees in their form, texture, and other unique features.

Undoubtedly this forest will change face several times over the next few seasons. Right now we can still look through the forest with much of its internal structure exposed for our enjoyment. A few months from now, this open forest floor and branch-webbed canopy might be filled with dense underbrush and a dark green overstory.

Wandering about with my head in the trees, I’d almost forgotten the spring until it resurfaced: this time with attitude! This is the widest piece of the spring that I found in this particular grove, although I know for a fact that a few miles up the road, there a creek that is at least two or three meters across which this spring likely joins.

Clearly more exploration is in order.

Tomorrow: listening to the spring. Followed by: finding the spring house.

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