Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moon and Venus greet the trees

Good evening everyone, and happy just-past full moon. Goodness, was that ever one crazy full moon or what folks?

I often wish that my camera could capture the beautiful face of the moon for you, but images like this one are the best I can manage on dark nights. Still, it gives you an idea of the wonderful view out my window tonight.

The sparkle you see just above the moon is not a flaw in the image, it’s Venus! The big tree you’re looking at is none other than my dear friend, black walnut.


  1. Even in this light, the beauty of the moon shines through.

    Lovely photograph!

  2. Hello Barbara, and thank you! It was SUCH an amazing night for the moon. Chag Sameach!

  3. A gorgeous moon!

    I was out enjoying it the other night too!

    I took an astronomy course recently and learned through my homework assignments out on the back porch at four in the morning that Venus has phases just like the Moon. Incredible!

  4. Such a wonderful photograph, very warm and atmospheric...

    quite special.


  5. Nice view. Memories of E.T. beckon.

  6. SpiderGirl, I took an astronomy class in college, and I LOVED it! I’ve always had way more interests than time, but astronomy has always been up in my top loves. We had this rockin’ planetarium at Bellevue Community College the kind with a ball in the center that had been sculpted BY HAND with tiny pink pricks to represent every star and planet. A light shines from inside the sphere, and the mechanisms in the floor allow the projections on the ceiling to rotate according to our desired time and location. Ah, what great memories!

    Zeppellina, so wonderful to see you again! Thank you for your compliments. It’s always a pleasure to stop in and see your work as well!

    Hi FrankenGirl! I’m so glad you liked the image. I never get tired of moon-gazing. It’s such a peaceful and at times introspective pastime. Talking to the moon always helps me sort things out (sort of like talking with the trees).

    UltimateWriter, your comment reminds me of some of the strange things I’ve seen in the night sky in Seabeck, WA (where it’s much darker at night). Provided there are no clouds, we can see the Milky Way and many of the dimmer stars, but we also see a lot of really strange phenomena which could easily fall in the category of UFOs!!! It may have something to do with being so close to a few military bases, but we will never know for certain. ;)


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