Sunday, March 26, 2006

More fun with fungi

While crawling through the trees today, I found this beautiful fungus family growing on a tree branch. I just had to share its delicate frills with you! Isn't it amazing the way it has wraped itself in layers around the branch?

Coming up this week: more flowers, fresh buds, and trees of course.


  1. It looks like a modernist sculpture.

    So lovely.

  2. Yeah, sure looks like a modernist sculpture.The delicate twists and turns are captivating.

  3. Je viens de rattraper le retard de lecture de votre blog et je remarque que vos photos sont encore plus belles.

  4. JB and Tahrman, I totally agree! We had some wonderful light rain on Saturday night, and come Sunday morning all the fungi was happily sprouting. I was positively smitten with this one... it's just amazing.

    Manu, merci! Vous êtes trop gentil!

  5. I'm waiting impatiently for the mushrooms here in Oregon. I haven't seen a decent one since late January. I'm fixated on the flowers, but I'm always looking for the mushrooms!

    This is a very fine fungus! I'm quite envious.

  6. Very fine indeed, Trailhead! It was a grand surprise for me as I wandered through the woods.

    Have you had much rain yet? The fungi around my Seabeck home in WA always made themselves known after a nice, sweet rain.

    I haven't seen the same amount of fungal diversity around here, but it's early yet!


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