Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dripping with Diamonds

This is my first encounter with freezing rain! It’s really beautiful, although dangerous on the roads.

The trees are all bejeweled with ice, and the world smells beautifully damp with rain!


  1. and also dangerous when climbing or licking trees.

  2. Where was this photo taken?

    I truly love how you have managed to capture the magic and appeal of trees. Very creative idea, and stunning photos.

  3. Ducklover - thuck... THUck... THUCK!! THUUUUUCK!!!!

    Barbara, all the photos today were taken just outside my cottage doors. I love the opportunity to share my love of trees with others. I hope that gives others a window into some of the beauty I enjoy each day, and perhaps encourages them to look at the trees and plants in their own neighborhoods with new eyes!

  4. Ce doit être extraordinaire tous ces pendentifs de glace sur les arbres.


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