Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Entering the trees

Monday morning I eagerly walked the dogs early to enjoy the wonderful rain. Along the way we visited the spring house which is hidden in the hedge.

When we arrived, I found some beautiful, glossy swamp plants sprouting all around! In the past, I’ve only been able to find spots of muddy earth near the spring house, but not the spring itself. Many of the springs on the farm flow underground.

Running the dogs back to the house, I grabbed my camera and set off on my own to snap some pictures of these new plants by the spring house. I wandered down field taking pictures all the while, and found myself at the edge of the grove.

With the spring house a fading whim, I turned in towards the trees as the smell of damp earth filled my nose. (In the first image of my snow storm entry you can see the little break in the hedge where I entered.)

On this lovely, rainy, wet morning, I noticed fresh deer traffic in the mud. Suddenly, it hit me: perhaps I could follow the deer tracks to the spring!

(If you’re visiting from
Miss Snark: my mother may not wear army boots, but I do!)

I entered the trees cautiously, and immediately saw signs of near-by water. The thick, emerald moss on this trunk is one gorgeous indicator.

With each step I saw increasing amounts of the leaf-covered mud that I have seen around the spring house, indicating that the spring is likely underground here as well.

Not knowing quite where to turn, I started in the direction of a fallen tree. As I stepped around it, I immediately spotted those shiny green marsh plants that I’d seen around the spring house, but in much greater quantity!

Bouncing closer in excitement, I saw the first trickles of the spring wending its way through the soft earth!

Tomorrow: the path of the spring through the trees.


  1. This is a wonderful blog. I love trees.

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you're enjoying Arboreality!


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